• The specific missions of the NRC for Mycobacteria are defined in the call for tender specifications

    - Identification of mycobacteria.
    - Susceptibility testing to antibiotics of mycobacteria species of interest.
    Quality control
    - Help in the management of drug-resistant tuberculosis.
    - Determination of mechanisms of resistance to antituberculosis drugs.
    - Evaluation of new diagnostic methods.
    - Surveillance of primary and secondary resistance of M.tuberculosis and of MDR tuberculosis.
    - Participation to European surveillance systems.
    - Surveillance of TB meningitis and of MNT infections.
    - Cluster investigation (molecular typing).
    - Alert of health authorities.
    - Research.
    - Collaboration with laboratories dealing with animal health.
  • NRC missions are defined in the regulatory texts – Santé publique France website / Public Health France
  • Arrêté du 30 décembre 2022 fixant la liste des centres nationaux de référence, des centres nationaux de référence-laboratoires associés et des centres nationaux de référence-laboratoires experts pour la lutte contre les maladies transmissibles
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