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(en)-Register of MDR and RR tuberculosis

One of the missions of the NRC for mycobacteria is the surveillance and help in the management of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis. To help fulfilling this objective, the NRC for mycobacteria has implemented a register for MDR-TB and RR-TB cases

This electronic register can be accessed physicians and clinical pathologists in charge of the patients as well as NRC and TB consilium members providing help in the management of the cases. Access is granted after NRC validation and is personal and password protected.

More details can be found on the French page of the register.


(en)-NRC activities

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  • Research



  • The specific missions of the NRC for Mycobacteria are defined in the call for tender specifications

    - Identification of mycobacteria.
    - Susceptibility testing to antibiotics of mycobacteria species of interest.
    Quality control
    - Help in the management of drug-resistant tuberculosis.
    - Determination of mechanisms of resistance to antituberculosis drugs.
    - Evaluation of new diagnostic methods.
    - Surveillance of primary and secondary resistance of M.tuberculosis and of MDR tuberculosis.
    - Participation to European surveillance systems.
    - Surveillance of TB meningitis and of MNT infections.
    - Cluster investigation (molecular typing).
    - Alert of health authorities.
    - Research.
    - Collaboration with laboratories dealing with animal health.
  • NRC missions are defined in the regulatory texts – Santé publique France website / Public Health France
  • Arrêté du 30 décembre 2022 fixant la liste des centres nationaux de référence, des centres nationaux de référence-laboratoires associés et des centres nationaux de référence-laboratoires experts pour la lutte contre les maladies transmissibles
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